Why Donate

These are tough economic times, but the economy will recover, our freedoms will not, unless we fight for them. We are not a charity or community organization, simply a group of volounteers who wish to restore our right to choose. We have a strategy we know will work, and the government grant is not going to happen for our cause, so it is up to smokers to fund our own fight for freedom of choice. We intend to show that smokers are not lepers, and present a more balanced view through our media.

Smoking prohibition and the campaigns for behaviour modification are a front to hide the self-satisfaction of those who feel entitled to enforce advice on health, choices, behaviours and social values. Furthermore, health campaigns cover the reasons of those who want to impose their ways with laws, programming the lives of individuals disregarding the values that many people hold precious, and of those liberties and pleasures which are as essential to the political and psychological well-being of people in a free society as health is to the well-being of the body.

We can fight now, or fight when they totally ban tobacco products, it is up to you. If you are happy to let powerful lobby groups control your life, just sit back and enjoy your last smoke, drink, nice meal or activity, because sooner or later, their will be a law against it. But with your help, we can stop them, and better to do this sooner, rather than later. Do not wait until we need a license to smoke, act now !

Donations are NOT tax deductable for obvious reasons and we will send a receipt on request. PayPal has 180 million users, it is secure, and your credit card details are not revealed to us.

For those wishing to donate by cheque or money order please send to –

Smokers Association
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