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Billie's opinions on smoking and its effects

This film features the musings of Billie, a lifelong and passionate pro-smoker. Over several fags she discusses the impending smoking ban as well as her opinions on smoking and its effects.

Billie's views, though marginal, remind us that the Governments' smoking embargo is not welcomed by all. An absolutely superb talking-head documentary about the iniquities of the governments' smoking ban in public places.

N.B.- Billie's meditation applies to any place on Earth, to any nation.

The Netherlands is the first country to partially overturn its smoking ban.

By Natalie Wain

Smokers in the Netherlands will now be able to light-up again in over 2000 of the country"s small owner-operated bars or pubs.

The partial over-turning of the blanket ban, which was introduced in 2008, is a huge victory for for smokers" rights campaigners who had argued that the blanket ban was driving small bar owners out of business.

An absence of tobacco evidence

The evidence that cigarette prices and adverts affect young smokers is terribly weak. The government needs to base policy on evidence, not dogma.

By Patrick Basham

Patrick Basham

Tobacco policy currently rests on two claims: tobacco advertising and promotion are the major reasons why young people begin to smoke; and young people are particularly sensitive to the price of cigarettes. From these two claims follow the central elements of tobacco policy, namely that all forms of tobacco advertising and promotion, including tobacco displays, should be banned, and tobacco should be heavily taxed in order to prevent or at least reduce under-age tobacco use.

Unfortunately, neither of these claims nor policies meets the standards of evidence-based policymaking. Both are, instead, products of advocacy-based 'research' carried out by anti-tobacco lobby groups.

In evidence-based policymaking, as in evidence-based clinical medicine, practices and decisions are based on rigorous, systematic reviews of 'best practice', that is, therapies and interventions that work the best in reducing morbidity and mortality. Evidence, and evidence alone, not theory or tradition, drives practice.

Pete Robinson: "This town, is coming like a ghost town, All the pubs have been closed down..."

By Pete Robinson

...or something like that, so sang Coventry band The Specials back in the 80's. But pub-wise we'd never had it so good in that period. Despite two major recessions within 10 years of one another pubs were doing fine with closures quite a rarity.

Indeed up until two years ago I could count on one hand the number of pub closures that have occurred within my lifetime in the area that I live. Yet ever since then pubs have closed at an alarming rate.

Bill Hicks on Smoking

Bill Hicks on Smoking

Classic bit on smoking. A relaxed Bill in one of his favorite venues Austin Texas. Enjoy this never released clip.

Smokers Rights

Jesse speaks out on behalf of smokers and eloquently defends their right to smoke. "Smokers' Rights" was written by Jesse Goldberg abd Bill Flowerree and sung by Jesse Goldberg.

Dave Allen - Giving up smoking

Particularly heartfelt routine from 1984 - well, we know it was based on personal experience! Around this time he seemed to be developing the observational side of his act and leaving behind the more traditional jokes.

Thank you for smoking (2006)

Thank You For Smoking 2006

The UK Smoking Ban - The triumph of a Nazi idea

A brief Pro-Choice video on Smoking exploring the Anti-Smoking brigades ideas and agenda and their origins. Backed by the late great Bill Hicks and some classic smoking ads.

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