Humor make Life Beautiful

Humor is a special kind of joy. Humor often results from a peculiar and unexpected vision, an intelligence that takes us by surprise. Along with the humor comes the laughter, the physical release of tension involved with the joke, the incongruous juxtaposition of two ideas, the Pratfall unexpected. When they are surprised by the things around you seem funny.Life must be many things to us all, but should rarely be bored. A lifetime of learning and sharing is not boring. Life is its own reward. Having life itself, life being such a miraculous achievement, is like winning the grand prize. Being alive, being alive, makes us winners. The rest of us. Find the joy in life is a value everything Laughter gives us a mental release stress and enhance our mood. Laughter is good medicine, as it is as easy to swallow the pill and has no harmful side effects. Laughter releases endorphins, the body's natural painkillers and gives a feeling of well being. Improving our health, as surely as a good diet, exercise and not smoking. Laughing connects us with others, gives us a perspective on life that replaces concern with pleasure, change our mood and increases energy. It just feels good. Finding the humor in every situation is a way to build Joy.Always watching some funny stuff will get all tensions away

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