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Quote of the President, during the First International Conference on Smokers’ Rights, Moscow, September 30, 2014

Romanian Smokers Association, quote of the President, during the First International Conference on Smokers’ Rights taking place in Moscow, Russian Federation on September 30, 2014.

"We believe the states and governments should be the guardians of the traditions, habits and choices of their own people and as such governments should represent them.

It is not the duty of the governments to change, impose or prohibit, to normalize or de-normalize values, cultures, beliefs.

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It Is Everybody's Choice to Smoke or Not

There are many people in the world who are proud to be known as smokers. There are also others who will criticize smoking to a great extent. Actually it is everybody's choice to smoke or not. Smoking like any other leisure activity will lead the smoker to enjoying different aspects in his or her life. There are some countries in the world which put strict measures against smoking as a way of reducing the use of tobacco but other have realized that there is no need to put such strict measures and they are trying to be open to the opinion of smokers. There are some believes about smoking that make people prejudice smoking.

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Why do people like to smoke?

I hate the smell of Cigarettes. Why really people want to smoke? Some I think do it because some hero looked very stylish while smoking and then on it becomes a habit. Some do it because there friends are doing it and if they do not smoke, it will make them look old fashioned.

But they do not realize its a nasty habit, hard to get rid of. It leads to cancer and not only the smoker but his or her family is also at risk. So smokers please get away from the smoke.

Electronic Cigarettes. Where have you used them?


I have changed over to e cigs and am impressed with them. Although they should not be classed as cigarettes die to having no tobacco and emitting harmless smoke, just water vapor, I find that a lot of people can't differentiate between the 2 in their minds.

Has anyone (tried to) smoke an electronic cigarette on an airplanes? Was it allowed or not? I find even in a restaurant I have to go through the hassle of a 10 minute explanation everytime I try and use it. I find it is just easier to go outside like you have to with a usual cigarette.

Third Hand Smoke

I'm a non-smoker today but I was a light smoker for many years.
I developed a bad cough and decided to quit in 1985.

Now I am married to a heavy smoker and I heard recently that
there is such a thing as "Third Hand Smoke".

This is supposedly the smoke that gets into everything in your
home, such as furniture, curtains, clothing, towels, carpet and etc.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this new information?


Cigarettes are my best friend

Hello smokers,
I know cigarettes since the age of 13 years. My first cigarette is inhaled cigarette filters. There is a sense of pride when I smoked cigarettes. two years after that I can already feel the real cigarette. I could feel the smoke clove cigarettes and white.
Rooms became my best friend at work in front of a computer. ideas flow together with the blast of cigarette smoke.

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How to Treat Infection using Antibiotics?

Infections are of many types but nowadays doctors find their only solution in antibiotics. Antibiotics are strong drugs used to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus and certain parasites. Therefore, they can only treat those infections, which are caused by fungus, bacteria and certain parasites. Antibiotics can be divided into groups depending on the type of microorganisms that they kill (bacteria, fungus or parasites), way through which they are administered (injection, pills or orally), type of activity (killing or inhibiting) and even the chemical structure.

Smokers In Tulsa

A ’smoking police’ double-cross is taking place primarily in Tulsa but it may extend statewide before long. It is a double-cross intended to force those restaurants that opted to spend the money to provide ’smoking rooms’ for their tobacco using customers to eliminate smoking completely.

The ’smoking police’ at the Oklahoma State Department of Health, arguably the most scandal prone agency of state government, have decided a new interpretation of the statewide smoking ban is in order.

Humor make Life Beautiful

Humor is a special kind of joy. Humor often results from a peculiar and unexpected vision, an intelligence that takes us by surprise. Along with the humor comes the laughter, the physical release of tension involved with the joke, the incongruous juxtaposition of two ideas, the Pratfall unexpected. When they are surprised by the things around you seem funny.Life must be many things to us all, but should rarely be bored. A lifetime of learning and sharing is not boring. Life is its own reward. Having life itself, life being such a miraculous achievement, is like winning the grand prize.

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