Mold Proofing Your House & Home - Prevent Dangeous Black Mold and Mildew

Mold has been a problem since the dawn of civilized living, civilizations as early as the Egyptians having told stories of the evil black plagues that would sometimes engulfed their structures. Luckily, today's modern man has available to him the advantages to deal with this obvious problem, in the form of modern mold removal techniques and mold mildew removal. The most common mold problems people come to me with are questions on how to deal with basement mold removal, attic mold removal, bathroom mold removal, etc, etc. The truth is that all mold problems can usually be dealt with using the same simple techniques. Mold Removal is never an easy task, though using your head you can defeat any mold problems you may encounter, protecting your home against future mold-infestation.
Some general mold removal tips: The first step for any home-owner should be to mold proof your home to the best of your ability. Mold thrives in wet humid conditions, so to protect your home from mold you'll want to get rid of anything that might encourage this sort of mold growth. Check for areas that have the possibility to become damp due to loose pipe fittings or leaky pipes. These are some of the areas you may expect to most commonly find signs of mold, bathrooms, attics, basements, and so on. Also note that mold loves to cling to carpet fibers, and carpet mold removal is one of the more tricky things to deal with, and you may wish to contact a certified mold removal service to deal with such a problem.
One of the unfortunate problems with mold, is that it likes to grow in places you might not even be able to see it. One of the best things any new homeowner can do is schedule a free air quality test with a local certified mold remediation service. These mold tests will help you find mold in places you might not expect, testing the air for spores and revealing whether or not you have a mold problem hiding in your home, mold growing behind drywall or hiding in the ceiling or floor.

There are numerous studies showing the dangers of mold, as the health problems mold can cause and the very real need to deal with mold infections before they grow out of hand.
Common symptoms of mold exposure / mildew exposure are

* Respiratory Problems / Respiratory Illness
* Flu-Like Symptoms
* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
* Memory Impairment
* Migraines
* Dizziness
* and more!

The fact is that mold is everywhere, and dealing with mold is never an easy task. Dangerous molds like stachybotrys, also known as black mold, are extremely harmful, and it is extremely important to come up with a plan for removing black mold from attics, walls, homes, and anywhere else black mold problems have been found. I encourage readers to check out Black Mold Removal for helpful mold fighting tips, home mold testing information, and resources on how to find a certified mold removal company (CMR) or certified mold remediation company (CMR) in your area!

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