Smokers In Tulsa

A ’smoking police’ double-cross is taking place primarily in Tulsa but it may extend statewide before long. It is a double-cross intended to force those restaurants that opted to spend the money to provide ’smoking rooms’ for their tobacco using customers to eliminate smoking completely.

The ’smoking police’ at the Oklahoma State Department of Health, arguably the most scandal prone agency of state government, have decided a new interpretation of the statewide smoking ban is in order.

This ‘new interpretation’ of the smoking ban, evidently one snatched from thin air, holds that the smoking ban prohibits any form of entertainment in ’smoking rooms’ of restaurants in Oklahoma. Nowhere in the law authorizing the smoking ban or in the Oklahoma State Department of Health regulations implementing the ban does the word ‘entertainment’ appear. But that has not stopped the ’smoking police’ for acting as if such a prohibition does exist.

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