Cortisol and Depression-How to maintain the cortisol level!!

Depression is really becoming very common these days. Any person of any age can suffer from depression. Depression can be because of many reasons. Many factors can lead to depression.It is all given in the depression statistics.
Women mostly face depression in their pregnancy and children get depressed because of the burden of studies. So basically depression does not need a reason. It can happen anytime at any age. Depression disability can be faced by anyone.
You all might be knowing about cortisol that is secreted by the adrenal glands near kidneys. It is actually a hormone secreted by the kidneys in every human being but some secrete it in a larger extent than the normal. This is mostly found in depressed persons. This is how cortisol and depression are related to each other.
And this high level of cortisol leads to many more problems of the human body. So it is our primary duty that whenever we come to know about the person who is depressed and suffering from the same problem, then immediately we should contact the doctor so that his cortisol level would come in control.

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