Billie's opinions on smoking and its effects

This film features the musings of Billie, a lifelong and passionate pro-smoker. Over several fags she discusses the impending smoking ban as well as her opinions on smoking and its effects.

Billie's views, though marginal, remind us that the Governments' smoking embargo is not welcomed by all. An absolutely superb talking-head documentary about the iniquities of the governments' smoking ban in public places.

N.B.- Billie's meditation applies to any place on Earth, to any nation.


The Netherlands is the first country to partially overturn its smoking ban.

By Natalie Wain

Smokers in the Netherlands will now be able to light-up again in over 2000 of the country"s small owner-operated bars or pubs.

The partial over-turning of the blanket ban, which was introduced in 2008, is a huge victory for for smokers" rights campaigners who had argued that the blanket ban was driving small bar owners out of business.

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Why do people like to smoke?

I hate the smell of Cigarettes. Why really people want to smoke? Some I think do it because some hero looked very stylish while smoking and then on it becomes a habit. Some do it because there friends are doing it and if they do not smoke, it will make them look old fashioned.

But they do not realize its a nasty habit, hard to get rid of. It leads to cancer and not only the smoker but his or her family is also at risk. So smokers please get away from the smoke.

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How to Treat Infection using Antibiotics?

Infections are of many types but nowadays doctors find their only solution in antibiotics. Antibiotics are strong drugs used to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus and certain parasites. Therefore, they can only treat those infections, which are caused by fungus, bacteria and certain parasites. Antibiotics can be divided into groups depending on the type of microorganisms that they kill (bacteria, fungus or parasites), way through which they are administered (injection, pills or orally), type of activity (killing or inhibiting) and even the chemical structure.

Cortisol and Depression-How to maintain the cortisol level!!

Depression is really becoming very common these days. Any person of any age can suffer from depression. Depression can be because of many reasons. Many factors can lead to depression.It is all given in the depression statistics.
Women mostly face depression in their pregnancy and children get depressed because of the burden of studies. So basically depression does not need a reason. It can happen anytime at any age. Depression disability can be faced by anyone.

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How to Quit Smoking

You are probably well aware of how damaging smoking is to the human body. This habit can be especially damaging if it lasts for a long period of time. Yet many smokers may not be aware of the extent of the damage that cigarettes can do to their health and over all sense of well being. This is partly due to the fact that many smokers say that they enjoy their habit because it relaxes them and they believe it helps them cope with stressful situations.

A new gadget - Kindle

When it comes to making the choice as to what e-book reader is right for you, the first thing that many people realize is that there is a whole lot of choices. Which one to choose though really depends on what you are looking for in a device. Perhaps you would like the ability to store up to 3,500 e-books on one device or maybe you would like a reader whose batteries won't die before you are finished reading. Or perhaps you would like one that does not require you hooking it up to your computer every time you would like to add to your library.

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

With the improvement in the space of technology, the human society today has found a dimension of luxury that is a step above and beyond the conventional sauna refreshment. Central to this luxury is a far infrared sauna (also known as FIR sauna).

Dave Allen - Giving up smoking

Particularly heartfelt routine from 1984 - well, we know it was based on personal experience! Around this time he seemed to be developing the observational side of his act and leaving behind the more traditional jokes.

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