Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

With the improvement in the space of technology, the human society today has found a dimension of luxury that is a step above and beyond the conventional sauna refreshment. Central to this luxury is a far infrared sauna (also known as FIR sauna).

A far infrared sauna uses infrared rays to produce hear, which simply invisible light. This invisible light is unique in that it can produce heat effects on your body without raising the temperature of the surroundings. In other words, these invisible rays of light hit your body and your body starts sweating as an effect, but you do not feel any change in the temperature around you. This is also known as soft-heating. It is advisable to go for a far infrared sauna that can raise the temperature up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, since the temperature does have a long term good effect on you if applied under such control.

Do not confuse the infrared rays with the dangerous x-rays and ultra-violet rays, those are different beasts on their own and are harmful. On the other hand, infrared rays, when properly applied, are great friends of the human body.

What is meant by a far infrared sauna therapy? It is that one would observe the human body to react with a great positive response to prolonged and disciplined use of a far infrared sauna. There are both notable short term and long term benefits. The primary ones are the following.

  1. Detoxification: The toxic material of the body is cleaned up much better if on uses far infrared sauna no a regular basis. The sweat generated by the FIR sauna causes toxins from the cells to be put out into the blood stream and excreted in sweat, feces, and urine.
  2. Improved blood circulation: The sweating, detoxification and light-driven control of temperature results in freshness and high circulation of blood. Interestingly, blood quality also improves owing to the detoxification. This helps one leading a long and fit life.
  3. Joint pain relief: The heating removes joint pain in the longer run, producing great effects similar to those of physiotherapy.
  4. Deep heating and skin cleansing: The far infrared rays goes as much as 1-3 inches deep into the human body. The deep heating provides a relaxation to the muscles. In the process it penetrates the skin and provides a deep cleansing for the skin.
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