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Billie's opinions on smoking and its effects

This film features the musings of Billie, a lifelong and passionate pro-smoker. Over several fags she discusses the impending smoking ban as well as her opinions on smoking and its effects.

Billie's views, though marginal, remind us that the Governments' smoking embargo is not welcomed by all. An absolutely superb talking-head documentary about the iniquities of the governments' smoking ban in public places.

N.B.- Billie's meditation applies to any place on Earth, to any nation.

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Quote of the President, during the First International Conference on Smokers’ Rights, Moscow, September 30, 2014

Romanian Smokers Association, quote of the President, during the First International Conference on Smokers’ Rights taking place in Moscow, Russian Federation on September 30, 2014.

"We believe the states and governments should be the guardians of the traditions, habits and choices of their own people and as such governments should represent them.

It is not the duty of the governments to change, impose or prohibit, to normalize or de-normalize values, cultures, beliefs.

First International Conference on smokers' rights - September 30, 2014, Moscow, Russian Federation


On September 30, 2014, Moscow hosted the First International Conference on Smokers’ Rights. Delegates from Australia, Belarus, Croatia, Cuba, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine attended the meeting – 16 countries that in total account for more than 250 million adult smokers.

The honorary guests of the Conference were Mikhail Boyarskiy, Co-chairman of the All-Russian Smokers’ Rights Movement, John Mallon, leader of FOREST Éireann (Ireland) and Samuel Nitisaputra, Secretary General of the Smokers’ Club of Indonesia. Andrey Loskutov, Executive Director of the All-Russian Smokers’ Rights Movement, acted as moderator of the meeting.

The Netherlands is the first country to partially overturn its smoking ban.

By Natalie Wain

Smokers in the Netherlands will now be able to light-up again in over 2000 of the country"s small owner-operated bars or pubs.

The partial over-turning of the blanket ban, which was introduced in 2008, is a huge victory for for smokers" rights campaigners who had argued that the blanket ban was driving small bar owners out of business.

Smokers Rights

Jesse speaks out on behalf of smokers and eloquently defends their right to smoke. "Smokers' Rights" was written by Jesse Goldberg abd Bill Flowerree and sung by Jesse Goldberg.

Famous smokers - Encyclopedia

This is a partial list of famous people, for whom smoking is clearly a recognised part of their public image, or who are known for some unusual aspect of smoking.

Smoking is a part of history, of culture and life. This was and is one of most practiced way of expressing self personality.

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