Billie's opinions on smoking and its effects

This film features the musings of Billie, a lifelong and passionate pro-smoker. Over several fags she discusses the impending smoking ban as well as her opinions on smoking and its effects.

Billie's views, though marginal, remind us that the Governments' smoking embargo is not welcomed by all. An absolutely superb talking-head documentary about the iniquities of the governments' smoking ban in public places.

N.B.- Billie's meditation applies to any place on Earth, to any nation.

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he is the biggest one! ;)

he is the biggest one! ;)

I bet her home reeks of tobaco stench!

Let her die of emphysema! Keep rotting your mouth, Ms. Billie! [And wrinkles]

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She is 90 now

She is 90 now and speaks about free will. Any 90 years person will have emphysema as well but this is not a cause of death anyway.